High turnover is expensive for the company

A high flow of recruiting and dismissals can have negative consequences for your business – learn how to avoid it The best question to start our conversation is: how much does high turnover cost for the company? A company that records a heavy flow of incoming and outgoing employees should trigger a warning signal. Something […]

How to select advocates for your company

Who are they, how to identify them, and how to propose incentives to these influential representatives of your brand Your company retains good employees – but are they company advocates? We call advocates the team members who, in addition to performing their duties very well, incorporate the values, missions, and objectives of the organization daily […]

What do the advocates of the company do – and how to find them

Understand how the selection of these professionals can be critical for a successful recruiting program!   Every company has employees – but not all employees are advocates of the company. The former perform their daily duties. The latter do this and more: their influence can be instrumental in enhancing their organization’s reputation and in collaborating […]

We need to talk about business turnover

See how the high turnover of professionals can be detrimental, and how HR can use technology to change this scenario   The English term ‘turnover’ is used in the corporative world to indicate the staff loss of professionals in a company. New talent arrives but soon informs Human Resources that they are leaving the organization […]

High turnover is expensive for companies. Learn how to decrease it

Read on about the disadvantages that “in and out” can provide to businesses    We’ve discussed turnover and the adverse effects on everyday business. Now let’s talk about the costs of high turnover in the company. It’s a myth that having a company in constant movement of human resources means an effervescence of talents continually […]

This article of the Knowes Blog teaches you how to select and maintain talent for your company

A tool to select and maintain talent in the company   The advancement of innovation has increased job opportunities, but there are still challenges in choosing and retaining candidates The new economy is boiling. Startups are announcing, and brand new companies are emerging while traditional ones are making radical innovations to its structure. This expansion […]

Managing Stress during career transition: 5 ideas that can change your experience!

Going through a career transition process can be very stressful. Sometimes it may feel like being in a roller coaster – it goes up and down very fast, with short moments of stability, full of intense emotions and uncertainty.   Maybe your position was eliminated or changed due to company restructuring and now you need […]

O que fazem os embaixadores da empresa – e como encontrá-los


Entenda como a seleção desses profissionais pode ser fundamental para um programa de recrutamento de sucesso!   Toda companhia possui funcionários – mas nem todos funcionários são embaixadores da empresa. Os primeiros desempenham suas funções diárias. Os segundos, fazem isso e muito mais: sua influência pode ser fundamental para melhorar a reputação da sua organização […]

Alta rotatividade na empresa é ruim e custa caro

O alto fluxo de contratações e demissões pode trazer consequências ruins para o seu negócio – saiba como evitar   A pergunta ideal para começarmos nossa conversa é: quanto custa a alta rotatividade para a empresa? Uma empresa que registra um fluxo muito intenso de entrada e saída de funcionários deve acionar um sinal de […]

Como selecionar embaixadores na sua empresa

Quem são eles, como identificá-los e qual a forma de propor incentivos a esses fortes representantes da sua marca   Sua companhia mantém bons funcionários ou colaboradores – mas eles são embaixadores da empresa? Chamamos de embaixadores os integrantes da equipe que, além de desempenhar suas funções muito bem, passam a incorporar os valores, missões […]