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High turnover is expensive for the company

A high flow of recruiting and dismissals can have negative consequences for your business – learn how to avoid it The best question to start our conversation is: how much does high turnover cost for the company? A company that records a heavy flow of incoming and outgoing employees should trigger a warning signal. Something […]

How to select advocates for your company

Who are they, how to identify them, and how to propose incentives to these influential representatives of your brand Your company retains good employees – but are they company advocates? We call advocates the team members who, in addition to performing their duties very well, incorporate the values, missions, and objectives of the organization daily […]

Managing Stress during career transition: 5 ideas that can change your experience!

Going through a career transition process can be very stressful. Sometimes it may feel like being in a roller coaster – it goes up and down very fast, with short moments of stability, full of intense emotions and uncertainty.   Maybe your position was eliminated or changed due to company restructuring and now you need […]

Ano Novo, Carreira Nova: como ter mudanças profissionais em 2018

Aproveite o novo ciclo para trocar de emprego e mudar de direção na carreira em busca da felicidade. A Knowe pode ser a sua ferramenta!   Você deve se lembrar muito bem do estudo realizado pela Knowe que apontava que mais de 70% dos trabalhadores brasileiros estavam em busca de reconhecimento profissional. Pois bem, estamos […]

How to Find the Perfect Career Advice This New Year Without Leaving Your Home

How to Find the Perfect Career Advice This New Year Without Leaving Your Home

For most, the holiday season is high time for positive change. Many look to shrink their waistlines. Others seek to fatten the wallet. The latter, of course, can be done in multiple ways, like getting that salary raise or job change. But along with everything else this time of year, resolutions often get put on […]

Stop Settling For Generic Career Tips and Find the Advice You Need

You’ve heard the saying, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” Such rings true across all professional industries, but is often followed by sighs of frustration. Networking can cost tons of time and money. Each year, men and women like you get stuck on the road to nowhere, hopping around the internet searching […]